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Dear visitor, let me take a few minutes to introduce both myself and what it is I train. My name is John Paul Walsh. I'm a Soft Skills Consultant living and working in Munich, Germany. I give seminars on Influence in Business, Stress Management and Team Building. See the Seminars page for more details.

Have you ever wondered what are the secrets of influence? Or how can you be influential and benefit both yourself and others at the same time?

How do find a deep and natural sense of relaxation? How do you create Tree and Rootthis feeling as a sustained and genuine part of whoyou are and how you move through the world?

Like all true secrets, the answers are simpler than you would think, yet can also be difficult to implement, unless you know what science has uncovered in the last decades in the areas of Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Neuroeconomics.

These are the key areas I have studied to find the simplest and most effective methods of being influential and being able to feel the sense of relaxation that comes with solid and useful methods of stress management.

Having Influence is one of the most important keys to create an environment that is the best for both for you and others, and to so create successful businesses and relationships.

Discover a Secret

This is an example for an imageDiscover how to find out the secrets of Positive Influence by contacting me by email or telephone. I deliver effective and practical seminars and also individual coaching sessions.

There are different levels of influence, on an obvious level you have the slow, heavy, repetitive and often dull attempts to persuade someone to your way of thinking, and on the other level, a simultaneously Higher and Deeper level of Influence, and when you have this awareness of MetaInfluence it seems like you never even have the need to persuade others.

Audio and personal Coaching

I also create Audio recordings which allow people to change their behaviours, by changing the part of themselves that determines what decisions they make on a day to day basis. These audio recordings can be seen under the Products section.

You can change how you feel, and when you change how you feel, you change how you behave, and when you behave differently, everything else changes!- J.P. Walsh



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