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Hello, my name is John Paul Walsh. I'm an Influence Consultant living and working in Munich, Germany.

I specialise in Stress Relief and Influence training in English for international companies in Germany. I speak English and German, and in emergencies can be persuaded to use some my 23 words of Spanish...

I have studied many forms of the inner and outer game of sales and influence, both influence with yourself and influence with others.

A Passion of mine

This is an example for an imageFor years, I have been focused and fascinated by the key elements of how people make choices.

How people choose to buy a product, how people choose a partner, how people whether to help a colleague, how people choose to be happy, and the list goes on.

As you probably know, choice is what lies at the heart of behaviour, and the realisation I made is that most of the choices we make are unconscious. And so I went about finding out how to make these choices conscious and then how to make it a habit to choose differently.
From this research I discovered the method I use in my coaching CDs and the methods I use in teaching how people can become more influential.

A brief history of Mine

I was born in Ireland, and despite loving the country dearly, I ended up living and working in Munich, Germany. I grew to love this place also. Especially the weather and the wonderful efficiency ;-)
I have two fantastic children and many friends here with whom I can take trips into the mountains, enjoy the beer gardens and go scuba diving.

These days there are a million books out there who advise you to focus on this or that, but the biggest problem is remembering to focus on what we would really like, or the advice that’s given. If we don’t have that advice stored in our bodies, in our feelings, and the head forgets very soon..- J.P. Walsh



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