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Over the course of the last 2 years I have developed a method of self-coaching which works by using the power of emotions and feelings through the medium of an audio format. You can order the CD’s through my partner websites by clicking on the links below.

 Enjoy the journey into realising just how much power you have to change yourself!


Natual Health - A Secret Feeling

Find the secret feeling of Natural Health. We usually focus on the external causes of Health and spend so much money on things that are never as effective as we'd like. This recording works from the other side, it creates health from the inside first. Click here to see the CD version, and here for the Mp3 Download


Wonderful Wealth - A Secret Feeling

A Secret Feeling: The Feeling that happens Before the Seeing and Hearing.... We tend to see what we unconsciously expect in life. The most powerful influence on what we filter out or into our lives are our feelings. When we feel bad we tend to see only...

Click here to see the CD version, and here for the Mp3 Download



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