"A higher, and deeply effective, level of Influence
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I conduct two types of Seminars at the moment. Please contact me to inquire about times and availability.

Meta Influence1. Meta Influence. In this seminar clients gain a higher and also deeply effective level of influence with other people, both in a business environment and a private one.Click here for more information.

Relaxation creation2. Stress management and Relaxation. In this seminar participants easily learn practical ways to find a natural and sustained level of relaxation leading to better work, health and noticeable improvements in overall well-being. Click here for more information.


Meta Influence3.Team Building. In the evolution of humanity it was always thought that while we were weaker than other animals, our strength lay in our intelligence. Nowadays researchers have come to the conclusion that our real strength lies in our ability to work together. Our species dominate the planet because we worked together. When we work together in any field anything is possible, especially in business. Build an unstoppable team. Click here for more information.




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