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Article 3 - Make some Sense!

Make some Sense!

Trying to get a clear idea of what it sounds like to get on a grip on making some sense.

Get in Touch with what you hear and see!

This is an example for an imageWhen we “Think” we do so in either Pictures, i.e. that looks good to me, in Sounds, i.e. that sounds about right, and Feelings, i.e. that’s a weight of my shoulders. These are the main three, but we also sometimes think in the less often used senses of Taste (It was a bitter experience) and Smell (Something smells fishy about this).

We use all 3 methods of thinking, but usually we prefer to use one more than the other. This is reflected in our speech and our likes, for instance, we might find the most important thing about a person is how they look, how their voice sounds or what their handshake feels like.

When someone speaks to us about something, the beach for example, we make sense of this in our minds: by making pictures of what we imagine the beach looked like (did you imagine a beach with sand or stones? Look at the picture you’re making.), by talking to ourselves about it or imagining the sound of the waves, or by recreating the feelings, we think the person might have had while walking barefoot on the beach with the hot sand between their toes. Perhaps you’re starting to get a sense now of how you think.

There are also ways of speaking that do not have a connection to any of our senses. These are the abstract words and these sentences typically make less sense.

*I experienced a difficult time while being present at the beach during a wind of extreme proportions.

compared to:

*I found it hard to stay on the beach after the howling wind flung stinging sand into my face and all I could see was a blur of where I clearly wanted to be, in the quiet peace of the cool hut.

*She had a lot of attraction and the blood flow increased in my face when she started communicating.

compared to:

*She shone like a star, and I could feel the heat on my face as she wrapped me up in her soft voice which rang like a clear bell, deep in my heart.

Something makes more Sense when we can represent it with our Senses. So you will have a much stronger effect on your listeners when you can present them with a clear and bright picture of how good they can feel when they have agreed with you.

This can be very important when we communicate with someone. When we use sense words, people can more easily understand what you are trying to communicate.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” a sentence we’ve all heard and spoken many a time, but what does it mean?

Humans have a wonderful way of speaking literally when they are describing their inner reality, and what’s going on inside them. This is a discussion of when someone says to you “That doesn’t make any sense!” and they mean that literally, whether they know it consciously or not. So when we say “I can see what you’re saying”, we are making a picture inside our minds of the idea being represented. If we say “That feels about right” we are describing an actual physical sensation in our bodies, usually our stomachs, and if we mention that something sounds right, we are usually referring to our inner voices agreeing with something.

So if you would like to make more sense in your conversations, try to get a feeling for what would be the clearest way to sound good to your listener!

Have fun!

John Paul Walsh.


"Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune."
- William James


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